Ice Seltzer SL is a company dedicated to the international distribution and commercialization of alcoholic beverages and food.

We work on three continents importing and exporting our products, collaborating with wholesale companies and directly serving individuals and retailers.


Make Bubbly Lov the drink of choice for consumers looking for authentic brands & alternative offers with low alcohol content.


To lead innovation in the low alcohol drinks market, by crafting flavorful and refreshing drinks that tap into consumers'need for healthier drink options, with a sustainable business approach.


At Ice Seltzer we believe in:


We use the knowledge and experience of our expert team to maintain the highest level of quality at the core of everything we do. We involve ourselves and take great care in operating a value chain, from manufacturing to distribution and retail, with the excellence demanded by our customers.


We value and encourage deep connection with our consumers, as well as with our clients and other partners. We believe that strong partnerships deliver a strong performance.


The preservation of the environment is essential to us. Bubbly Lov sources only simple, natural ingredients of the highest quality, from certified and fair-trade suppliers. We are driven by a desire to achieve something great and leave a positive footprint in the world.